Meyliss founder

My name is Meyliss and I am 33 years old. I live in the Lyon region. I come from the world of teaching and translation; I have always been fascinated by the foreign languages that I studied at the Jean Moulin University in Lyon 3 and learned during long stays abroad. I worked for a long time in the field of early childhood by multiplying the experiences of aupair girl, before being trained in Montessori pedagogy and then joining the nursery “Little Darlings” in Waterford in Ireland.

Subsequently, as soon as I returned to France, I created my translation and spellreading company, teaching foreign languages in parallel. I am multilingual, I speak fluent French, English and Spanish. I have very good knowledge of Japanese and I know a little bit of German.

I had the pleasure of becoming the mother of a little Brooklyn in August 2020, a wonderful event that turned my life upside down. Motherhood was a real revelation for me, my role as a mother fills me to such an extent that I was inspired by it for my professional career.

I am now the founder and director of the platform Les Mamans Jolies.

My values






The actions of the platform les Mamans Jolies are guided by my vision of benevolence, justice, tolerance, altruism and sharing. I am proud to be surrounded by employees who share these same values. 

Our starting point is the following, unity is strength, so we want to put at the service of all mothers in need, our skills, our knowledge and our advice so that they feel supported and can have the courage to live their passions and draw the life they like at work or at home. 

At Les Mamans Jolies we work with benevolence for a platform where women are not penalized or sidelined because they gave life.

A platform that allows us to take our children and entrust them to professional nannies on site during events (masterclasses,workshops, interviews) thus restoring justice so that we can have access to professional success whether we have a means of care at home or not.

We make every effort so that you can be “the mom you’ve always dreamed of being”.


The story of les mamans jolies

The project of a platform dedicated to mothers began to germinate in my heart during my very first weeks of pregnancy. A pregnancy that turned out to be very difficult. Indeed, this one and the Covid 19 pandemic have completely deprived me of my social life. Hospitals, doctors and midwives were submerged and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the virus, so my pregnancy follow-up was completely turned upside down between my second and third trimesters of pregnancy. 

Isolated, plagued by virulent pregnancy ailments and feeling forgotten by the medical profession, a desire to transcend my distress to help other future mothers and mothers to communicate with each other so as not to sink, animated me with passion. Paradoxically, I found a surprising number of mothers who were kind to me and attentive to my ailments on social networks during this same period of isolation. 

I started to interact every day with mompreneurs, influencer moms and with my great community of moms followers. These exchanges have given rise to beautiful relationships and sometimes even friendships. 

I didn’t know it yet but a wonderful digital world of mutual aid and advice between mothers would then open up to me. 

As things progressed on the networks and as my love for my little marshmallow in my belly grew stronger every day, I saw my project mature little by little.

Until the day I decided to talk a little about it around me to trusted moms who expressed their enthusiasm for my project. I began to surround myself with ambassadors and collaborators who believed in my project and to whom I would be eternally grateful to have agreed to be part of it. 

The platform les Mamans Jolies was inspired by my pretty baby but also by all the WONDERMOMS with whom I exchanged during the most difficult months of my life.

why les mamans jolies ?

The platform is called Les Mamans Jolies and not Les Jolies Mamans because it is in our actions that the pretty lies. The gift of self on a daily basis for our toddlers but also all the kindness, tolerance,mutual aid and sharing between women and mothers who are the engines of the platform.