Fall Shopping for Mom

There are some clothing essentials that I love to find in autumn and I share them with you here.

Autumn is a very inspiring season, it is a season during which it is very pleasant to be at home but also to walk around and enjoy the
splendors of Mother Nature. We must admit that going out during this season is also a pleasure because we can finally bring out our pretty autumn accessories! My favorite shopping is undeniably the autumn one because the shops are full of pretty outfits and pretty boots inspired by the colors of the season.

Autumn is the season of boots, boots and thighs par excellence!
I love boots in warm colors, suede or leather.

 It  is absolutely essential for me to have a nice coat in the colors of the season. 
Here are some inspirations of very nice coats to wear in autumn .

What I love to find in autumn, this sound of oversize scarves and stops!
It’s so chic and comfy at the same time!
Here is a small selection of super nice scarves to wear in autumn. 

Being elegant in autumn also means having a nice pair of gloves.
There are very pretty pairs very feminine and in the colors of the season everywhere in shops and on the internet.
Here is a small selection

Autumn is a lot of rain too, so a must to have in your autumn dressing room
to be distinguished despite the many days of showers, it is a nice umbrella.
I love the Longchamp brand which makes very nice qualitative and durable umbrellas.
I have 3 umbrellas of the brand that are in perfect condition after years of use. 

 don’t wear a lot of hats and hats, it’s not really my style, but in autumn I find that it’s a nice touch of sophistication to bring to an outfit. 

There are very nice berets, hats and hats to find during this season.
Here is a small list.  

What  symbolizes autumn the most for me is the mesh, soft vests and sweater in soft mesh, as beautiful as they are pleasant to wear.  

There are so many pretty dresses to put on in autumn, I love wearing them with tights and boots. 
Here are some very nice seasonal dresses.

What I love are the sweater dresses that allow you to have style while being dressed comfortably.
Very easy to accessorize, it is an autumn essential.

 Autumn is also pretty pairs of tights. 
I don’t know about you but I love to wear tights, colorful or patterned.
I think it brings a touch of sophistication to an autumn look.