Autumn baby shopping

There are some clothing essentials that I love to find in autumn and I share them with you here.

The Brooklyn dressing room has been borrowed from autumnal colors since its birth because they are soft colors that I particularly like. But in autumn I enjoy finding him even more pieces in the colors of the season. Here are some essentials to have in the baby dressing room in autumn. 

Mesh for the comfort of our loves.

Autumn is synonymous with the first cold. It is therefore necessary to cover the extremities of the body of our little ones with hats, gloves and scarves if necessary. 

Autumn is also the return of coats and coveralls to better protect our babies from the cold. Here is a small list of canon suits to shop.

Here is a list of cute autumn coats to shop for our adorable babies.

To protect my little marshmallow from the autumn wind, I sometimes double the layers on my legs by putting on a pair of wool tights under her pants. 

I completely crack on boots, boots and boots for toddlers that I find so suitable for the season. 

Here are also some nice seasonal shoes to put on your little ones.