My essentials for food diversification

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  • The preparation
  • Accessories
  • Freezing
  • The organization
  • Information
  • Childcare

The nutribaby robot

Available at Darty I like simplicity and efficiency. This robot combines these two essential points for me and for all overbooked moms who do not have time to dip their nose into the instructions. It has two steam baskets and its blender can hold 3 different preparations inside. Available in XL format.

PopCorn bibs from konges Slodj

Available at Smallable

PopCorn table set from Konges Slodj

Available at Smallable

Popcorn cup from Konges Slod

Available at Smallable

Vivi Tableware Set from Liewood Design

Available at Smallable

Olivia plate from the Liewood Design brand

Available at Smallable

Snack Box Corgan from the brand Liewood Design

Available at Smallable

Lai bib from the Liewood Design brand

Available at Smallable

Babymoov baby bowls and spoons

Available at Boulanger I find the pots great for meals and the three different sizes of pots allow to follow the evolution of the baby's appetite. I also use them a lot for storing leftovers in the fridge and for anticipating the meals of the day and the next day but I do not recommend them at all for freezing because they are large and take up a lot of space in the freezer.

A rabbit snacker

Available at Orchestra A must! Brooklyn has used them extensively to discover the joys of juicy fruit for dessert or as a snack. Sometimes a grape or a slice of clementine, it was great to be able to introduce my marshmallow to the taste of fruit without any risk that he swallowed a piece thanks to the small holes in the silicone nipple, he could chew his fruits at will and feast on the juice in peace. My baby really enjoyed them.

The maxi portions of Béaba 240 ml

Available at Berceau Magique

Suavinex jars 200 ml

Available at Berceau Magique These jars   are very good, thin enough not to take up too much space in the freezer and usable in the fridge as well.

Multi-portion silicone molds from the Mastrad brand

They are absolutely awesome! Especially when starting food diversification. The +: each portion of the mold has its own lid which prevents the spread of bacteria at each opening. They are very easy to unmold, store flat in the freezer and can be converted back into muffin molds! Available in 60ml/ 150ml/ 180ml

The Infantino puree press

A must have when it comes to homemade baby formula. 

The gourds and clip-on spoons of the Infantino press

I use the press and water bottles every week to store the purees and especially the compotes of my little marshmallow. A pen is provided to note the date and preparations on the gourds. I put them in the freezer and in the fridge by taking them out as and when meals.The – the gourds are disposable.

Sophie the giraffe reusable water bottles

I also bought adorable Sophie la Girafe reusable water bottles that I wash and reuse. I put them in the fridge and freezer as needed. 

Labels to mark small jars

Ludilabel is a brand with which I collaborate and which has followed us since the beginning of Brooklyn's food diversification. The brand sends us its products that we love at home. I use their cute reusable labels every week to mark the jars of my sweet marshmallow. 

Magnetic schedules to note baby meals

Favorite for their magnetic week schedules on which I mark the brooklyn menus. 

A book on food diversification

My favorite book, simple, very well written and beautifully illustrated that I read a lot before starting the dietary diversification of my baby. It contains the essential information to know before you get started. 

The tripp Trapp evolutionary high chair from the Stokke brand

A design chair   that will blend perfectly into your interior and that baby can use at each stage of his motor skills then once larger just remove the accessories to sit him like a big one. A chair that lasts a lifetime and on which adults can sit as well.The + chair is fully customizable.

The Baby Set deckchair from the Stokke brand

The deckchair, accessory of the evolutionary chair of the same brand, allows to bring baby closer to the table from birth and to have it at your height during the meal. I received the chair at the 4 and a half months of Brooklyn and it revolutionized the meal time.This is very convenient for babies who do not yet know how to sit at the beginning of food diversification. 

The Stokke Tray from the Stokke brand

Accessory for the Tripp Trapp evolutionary chair from the same brand