Our Services

In order to help you become the mom you’ve always dreamed of being.
The platform offers you these services, imagined and set up with kindness by mothers, for you mothers.

Our conferences

We come to meet you at motivation conferences throughout France.

The themes will be carefully selected to boost your self-confidence and help you become the mom you’ve always dreamed of being.

Fulfilled mothers (business leaders, influencers, early childhood professionals, wellness therapists, parental coach…), will give you the keys to success so that you transcend your fears and doubts to live your dreams.

our masterclasses & workshops

You have always dreamed of starting your business but you do not know where to start, what to get into, how to juggle between your life as a mother and between the responsibilities inherent in starting a business or what you need to carry out your project?

Don’t panic!

We offer Masterclasses for mothers in business creation project. During these we will give you all the necessary tools to create a business in an optimal way.

We will talk about the mistakes not to make and then we will help you to purify your project during workshops led by business leaders during which mutual aid and good humor will be at the rendezvous. 

We also offer toddler emotional management workshops where situation-setting exercises led by a parenting coach will help you prevent and calm crisis at home. 

our interviews

Do you want to increase your visibility on social networks and make your work, your website or your Instagram account known on a larger scale, or simply to share your experience as a mother?

Apply to appear on the show Les Mamans Jolies where you will be welcomed on a film set in the city of Lyon by a complete team of professionals (presenter, assistant set, videographer, photographer, make-up artist and hairdresser…).

Our presenter will ask you targeted questions that will help you improve your marketing communication.

Our team will welcome you with benevolence in order to give a beautiful image of your project, your brand or your Instagram account, and to give you a visual support that you can use on your networks.

Social Media

Whether you are a brand, an influencer or an individual, the platform puts at your service its keen sense of the visual and its love of the pretty to help you have the digital identity that you dream of.

Instagram account creation

Want to get started on Instagram without really knowing how to do it? Don’t panic! Les Mamans Jolies take care of the creation of your account after exchanging together on your desires. We offer tailor-made packages to best meet your needs. 

Instagram account redesign

You already have an Instagram account but are not satisfied with it and aspire to change?Les Mamans Jolies breathe new life into your account by making the necessary changes so that it matches the image you want to convey. 

Photo editing

Do you like your photos moderately and you want to modify them for a better visual rendering? Les Mamans Jolies take care of retouching your photos. Whether it is an unsightly detail to remove or light to give, we will beautify your photos for a harmonious feed.