My favorite brands

Discover my favorite brands

France Bébé Bio

France Bébé Bio is a brand with which I am very happy to collaborate for several months, Brooklyn has been an ambassador of this very pretty brand specializing in infant nutrition and food for pregnant women and young mothers for 30 years.

The brand offers innovative, tasty, practical and affordable products that we are lucky enough to receive at home every month. In the pretty packages that France Bébé Bio meticulously prepares for us every month, there is a selection of goodies, milk but also rice cakes and organic compotes that make the happiness of my little gourmand at the time of the aperitif and the snack.

With my code brooklynfbb you will benefit from -10% on your order (excluding milk and goodies). 

Thank you France Bébé Bio!


Ludilabel is a brand with which I have been collaborating since the beginning of Brooklyn’s food diversification.

The brand, specialized in the manufacture of printed products, accompanies us in our family organization and in the major stages of the life of my pretty baby. We receive free of charge from this superb brand, labels to mark the small pots, magnetic schedules to organize the meals and daily activities of the family, lunch boxes for baby meals outdoors but also personalized labels to identify the clothes and shoes of our little marshmallow when he is at nanny’s house.

Ludilabel makes the happiness of mothers by offering our little ones playful, colorful and customizable products.

With my code IN-FR-GARDENROSE benefit from -15% on your order.

Thank you Ludilabel!

Miniatures Factory

Miniatures Factory is THE cute eshop for toddlers par excellence.

I collaborate very often with Marion the designer, on the networks and Brooklyn receives a lot of toys and canon items from the brand. The site is an enchantment, you can find all the prettiest Kids Friendly brands of clothes, childcare, toys and books.

The brand responds to our desires for beauty and is constantly renewed by often offering us new sublime nuggets that it is impossible to resist.

The brand and I organize several contests together to spoil you, stay connected on our Instagram pages!

Douceur de coton by sab

Douceur de coton by sab is a fabulous eshop of cuteness for toddlers borrowed from an incomparable softness.

I became affectionate with the designer who created the birth blanket for my little boy. Since then, we often collaborate together on the networks and Brooklyn has the chance to receive cuteness from the brand.

On its soft eshop you can find very nice birth items (slippers, bibs, rattles, blankets, step cards, health book protector, plaids, wipes …) and many other cuteness.

The brand and I organize several contests together to spoil you, stay connected on our Instagram pages!

Audrey Couture

Audrey Couture is a beautiful eshop for infants.

Audrey is the creator of Tapimoutik, these large upholstered and customizable floor mats with multiple uses. Brooklyn has its own and we use it every day at home.

You can also find on its online store, soft plaids, pretty bibs, adorable hammocks with cuddly toys, panières, washable wipes ..

I often collaborate with the brand I love and nice contests are coming, stay connected on our Instagram pages!

Little Matilu

Little Matilu is a very pretty Lyon brand of cuteness for toddlers with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating for a few months.

The brand creates adorable customizable backpacks but also bibs, washable cottons, health book protectors and still full of pretty things that the creator of the brand, Audrey, regularly finds.

Stay connected to our accounts, contests are coming!