Cocooning inspirations for mom's autumn

Here is a small list of my autumn essentials that make this season
already so dear to my heart, even more precious.

Autumn is by far my favorite season,
the festival of warm colors that this season offers us delights my pupils and my heart too.
Very agitated by nature, autumn knows how to soothe me and makes me want to rest.

It’s a season when I listen to my body, so I take more care of myself
and as a mom it’s something very important.
As the leaves fall and are adorned with wonderful colors, I try to take time for myself to take baths, read, drink tea and cocoon in my sweet home.

We mothers can only very rarely find time for ourselves,
and yet it is essential to be able to give ourselves quality time for our personal development.
So I share with you here some autumn delicacies so that it motivates you to take care
of the wonderful moms that you all are.

A sweet autumn to all! 

Here is the bath honey of the laura Mercier brand. A divine nectar as pleasant by its fragrance as by the gesture to take it, in fact, it is with a small wooden honey spoon that we are invited to spread this sweet texture in the bath water, thus embalming the entire bathroom with a comforting smell. Its silky and enveloping texture promises a real moment of luxury. 
This honey bath that my husband gave me for Christmas in 2019 became an autumn must-have and reconciled me with the baths that I only enjoyed very soon before. 
The brand offers several flavors of this bath honey rather difficult to find because of its success. I have the crème brûlée one and for this autumn I found the bath honey scented with almonds and coconut. 

On Sundays I like to take a long bath during which I watch a series and I drink a drink or a tea and this, thanks to my dear bath bridge. Thus, there is no risk of causing my phone, book or computer to fall into the water. I enjoy this moment without distractions by having fun with what I want (chocolates, glass of wine, tea, book).
The bath deck is an autumn must-have for me. 

Who says bath says candles! Impossible for me to take a bath without reading in the dim and warm light of one or more candles. It helps me relax and I invite you to experience it. I like scented XXL candles that leave a pleasant smell even after extinguishing them.

At home we drink coffee, but in autumn we enjoy the autumnal flavors of a good seasonal hot tea. 

In the fall, it is happiness in my heart that I take out the soft plaids in which my family is looking forward to cocooning. Short, long, thick, mesh, white or colored. All the plaids have their place at home to make us a cozy nest.

In autumn the needs of our skin change, so our beauty routine must adapt to the change of cycle. The decrease in brightness leads to fatigue that makes our skin sensitive and prone to small skin imperfections. Gentle scrubs are therefore recommended during this period in order to activate cell renewal. 
I am a fan of Clarins treatments that I recommend to make new skin in autumn. 

To moisturize the skin, nothing better than a mask-balm that nourishes the skin intensely. After applying a gentle scrub, I always apply my mask for at least 10 minutes to do good to my skin. 

To nourish my skin until the next day, I use an ultra nourishing night cream that I apply when I leave the bath. My favorite? The night cream “Abeille Royale” from the Guerlain brand.
It firms, smoothes and curves the skin by embalming it with its delicate fragrance. Perfect for the transition to winter I recommend it.

Autumn is the beginning of cracks and damaged lips. To keep lips well hydrated, I start by erasing them with a vanilla scrub from the brand M.A.C.

After doing a scrub, I apply a nourishing balm on my lips before going to sleep and then when I wake up as well. 
Among my favorite balms, there is the dream honey balm from the Nuxe brand. Ultra nourishing and very pleasant to apply in addition to being very affordable. 

I also love Chanel’s very nourishing lip balm without smell.

To prepare my hands for winter, I moisturize them throughout the fall several times a day with a moisturizing but not sticky hand cream. I love the “Abeille Royale” hand balm from the Guerlain brand.

I’m also a fan of Laura Mercier’s delicately scented amber and vanilla hand cream.

In autumn, I do a lot of care to prepare my skin for winter, so I very often wear care headbands to protect my hair during the bath and my care. There is something for everyone, I like those in furs very pleasant to wear. 

In autumn, I love wearing huge soft slippers that keep my feet warm. On the ASOS site I find pairs more comfortable than the others and very affordable.

Nothing is more pleasant than putting on big soft socks at the exit of the bath before sitting comfortably in front of a good movie. 

During the fall, I like to wear thick and soft dressing gowns when I walk around the house. I really like the dressing gowns offered by H&M.

At the beginning of autumn, temperatures drop and for economic reasons we do not necessarily turn on the heating immediately, so it is very pleasant to slip a hot water bottle in your sheets or against yourself during our moments of relaxation or reading. 

 Who  says comfort says pajamas!  It’s a pleasure to work in pretty pajamas during the fall.
It’s a season during which I hurry to put on my pajamas as soon as I get home.

Here are some links of nice pajamas that are pleasant to wear to have style even at bedtime!