Cocooning inspirations for baby's autumn

Here is a list of cocooning items for the autumn of our babies. 

Our babies and young children also like to cocoon and bask in bedding and comfortable clothes. Autumn marks the beginning of falling temperatures and early nightfall, so our little ones will be tired earlier and will appreciate having a cocooning corner to read and rest like Mom and Dad.

I set up a cocooning corner in Brooklyn in our living room for the cold seasons. I found mattresses, cushions and rugs with soft and fluffy materials very comfortable so that my toddler could enjoy autumn at home too.

A soft and super comfortable armchair so that our little babies can relax during the fall. Brooklyn was offered this chair by its godmother and loves to sit on it to relax and read. 

A soft chair cake to install in the living room or in the baby’s room. Ideal for naps or to play in comfort. Brooklyn loves to sit on it when he plays or lie down when he wants to rest. 

A mat so that our toddlers do not play on the cold floor of the house, in addition to delimiting the play area it keeps them warm. It is more pleasant for them to play on a mat rather than on the floor that cools down in autumn.

Full of cushions for the comfort of our little loves. In addition to being able to play with them, they love to squeeze them tightly and put their little heads on them to rest. 

Comfortable, soft and warm plaids to wrap them with tenderness and comfort in this cocooning season. 

Slippers to keep our babies’ little ones warm. 

Soft and thick socks for the comfort of our little loves. 

For this fall, I bought my baby a plush hot water bottle so he could snuggle up to something warm and comforting during the cool evenings of this season. Beyond the warm and warming ribs very appreciable of the hot water bottle, it has many other benefits for the little ones. It relieves stomach aches, colic and ear infections in toddlers. It also helps relieve congestion in the milk ducts of breastfeeding mothers. This adorable plush hot water bottle can be used hot by putting the bag in the microwave or cold by putting it in the refrigerator. A real ally of everyday life for hugs and for bobos.

I’m a fan of H&M Kids plush fabric jackets that are affordable and very comfortable. They are very practical, I bought several that I put in Brooklyn in the morning on his pajamas when he gets out of bed, or in the evening after the bath so that he does not get cold. They are great for mid-season, I also put them in BK when we play in front of the house and it is cool but not cold enough to put on a coat. Very practical little jackets to put on to our toddlers easily and whenever it is a little cool.