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You can follow me on my Instagram account under the pseudonym gardenrosemaman, where I share my daily life as a mother with great pleasure since the birth of my little boy.

In order to give more depth and detail to the topics I deal with, I decided to start running a blog again in which I will write articles about motherhood and my favorites as a mom.

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My pregnancy

A terrible pregnancy symptom unknown to the medical profession saw fit to invite herself, thus transforming my already very unpleasant pregnancy into an absolute ordeal!

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Discover my inspirations of the moment

I receive daily requests to share gift or decoration inspirations for mothers, babies and young children.
So I will share here my most beautiful seasonal inspirations as the holidays approach (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays).
but also my must haves so that you are beautifully inspired all year round.