Our ambassadors

Exceptional moms who juggle their roles as mothers, their personal aspirations and their professional careers join me on this beautiful project. 

The platform's ambassadors

True forces of nature that give themselves the means to live their dreams despite the responsibilities inherent in motherhood. Women who command respect and who I have unfailing admiration for.

Influencers, creators, founders, business leaders, stay-at-home moms, a real mix of inspiring moms with fundamentally different profiles who will accompany me to meet you all over France.

During conferences, masterclasses and motivational workshops, they will give you their testimonials but also the keys to success on themes specific to each one they master. 


Maman Jolie of Mélie 1 year

Head of the Masterclass & business creation workshops at Les Mamans Jolies

Marie-Alexandra is a trainer in cosmetics & makeup and manager of a makeup eshop. Her ultimate goal? To undo the tired look !

She offers, to all women beginners in makeup, personalized advice for a unique makeup and resembling the personality of each. Every beauty tip is easily achievable on a daily basis.
“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin,” she says. A good care routine is very important. Marie-Alexandra therefore also advises on the treatments to be used in order to find a solution to the different skin problems that each woman may encounter during her life.

She was a trainer and medical visitor for two major parapharmacy laboratories: Bioderma and Vichy. She has trained more than 300 pharmacists and preparers and visited more than 50 dermatologists

For her, 2020 was one of her best years: she became a mother. The most beautiful role of a lifetime. That’s how she became a Mompreneur.
Marie-Alexandra will give masterclasses and set up workshops during the year on business creation in order to provide mothers with all the keys to embark on entrepreneurship.

You can also find her beauty tips daily on the platform!


Maman Jolie of Maelys 7 years

Head of the Toddler Emotion Management division at Les Mamans Jolies.

Nathalie is the founder and director of Pipouette. She created this companion of emotions with a soft and retro design in 2018, after observing for several months the needs of her daughter as well as their mother/daughter relationship. “Emotions were at the heart of our lives but there we were lacking an intermediary to better understand them and improve the quality of non-verbal and verbal communication around them,” she says.

Nathalie’s mission with Pipouette? 
Thanks to this Teddy with interchangeable faces, she wants to allow children and all members of the family to discover, welcome and share their emotions.

3 years after its creation, thousands of families have adopted Pipouette, the ally of parents and the confidant of children from 0 to 8 years old.
New projects are underway at Pipouette to best meet the needs of families and facilitate the democratization of the expression of emotions on a daily basis. 

Nathalie will lead conference workshops throughout the year on managing the emotions of toddlers to support you in your daily lives as mothers. You can also find her advice on the platform.


Maman Jolie of Aedan 4 year and a half

Head of PMA and fertility problems

Alexandra is the founder and director of the Mes petits bonheurs à la carte workshop, specializing in stationery and graphics that immortalizes the beautiful moments around motherhood.

In the grip of conception difficulties, since 2018 she has resumed the paths of assisted reproduction in order to make her grandson a big brother. Today, therefore, she juggles her business, her life as a mother and the imperatives of her medically assisted procreation journey.

After 5 unsuccessful IVF in France, she is trying her luck in Spain this time by benefiting from different treatments and practices. It was while starting this IVF abroad that she decided to create the Instagram page @des.fiv.pour.maman to talk about her daily life as a mother in assisted reproduction and to campaign for the cause.

Alexandra is a great lesson in courage and will and she will put her testimony at the service of the platform to inspire all mothers who no longer have the strength to move forward and who think they will never get out of it.


Maman Jolie of Léna 10 years

Head of the Maternal Coaching division at Les Mamans Jolies.

Laura is a sophrologist in Paris. She offers personalized support for each woman in search of well-being. Laura starts from the premise that every woman has all the resources she needs to build her dream life.

Each sophrology session she offers is an opportunity to take a break and take time to reconnect with yourself and your deep needs. With simple breathing exercises and positive visualization, she helps women unleash their potential to become the best version of themselves. 

She is also a trainer for the Sup de Sophro school and accompanies the students of this school to become in their turn Sophrologist.

“My values? Attentive listening, kindness and non-judgment,” she says. 
After many years working in the world of finance Laura has now found a balance between her life as a woman, her professional life and her life as a mother and wants to accompany all mothers to find their balance and live their dreams. 

Laura will give a conference in Paris on the theme of the development of mothers. She will also give sophrology tips on the platform. 


Maman Jolie of Milan 3 years & Aline 1 year

Sick child coach

Lucile is an influencer and entrepreneur in the digital world, she shares her daily life as a mompreneur on social networks.

It was after becoming a mother that she rediscovered herself and her desires, goals and vision of life were turned upside down. 

Mother of Milan and Aline, Lucile learned a few weeks after the birth of the latter, that she was a carrier of Cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease. “Aline taught me what resilience, the strength of a mother and determination were,” she says. 

It is therefore with great admiration that more than 18,000 people follow her daily life as a mother and entrepreneur on social networks while managing the many medical imperatives to which her daughter is subjected, with a masterful hand. 

A strong, determined and fulfilled woman, Lucile supports entrepreneurs in the creation of their visual identity on social networks within her agency. 

Lucile will lead listening and support workshops for mothers of sick children in the city of Lyon. 
You can also find his advice to develop your social networks on the platform.